The B Brave Foundation


The B Brave Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children suffering from fatal neurological disorders.

We strive to improve the quality of life and reduce suffering for patients, support and empower affected families, and work with caregivers and physicians to enhance care and outcomes. Learn more about what we do here

The B Brave Foundation was inspired by the life and legacy of Josiah (Joey) Scaparotti the late son of B Brave founders Sam and Sara Scaparotti. You can meet our whole team here.


THANK YOU, B Brave community! We’ve officially passed the $20,000 mark in fundraising efforts for our documentary film Project Rare! We’ve received thousands in support outside of our GoFundMe campaign, and we continue to make headway to our goal of $50,000 for a fully funded project.

As with every step in this journey, we can’t do this alone, and we’re counting on each of you for continued support as you give, share, and partner with us in this effort.

Read all the details about Project Rare on our GoFundMe page.


“When I arrived at the Restoring a Mother’s Heart Retreat I had lost my son a few months prior. So many women had tagged me in this retreat for women that had lost their children as well...I was so unsure and afraid. That weekend those grieving, courageous women helped me change my direction and the way I was grieving…I learned new ways to continue my relationship with my son, and it helped me also see the beauty in all my heartache. Thank you, B Brave, for sponsoring me.”

- Mindi Zollar, Nikko’s mom



Our Mission

The B Brave Foundation exists to improve the lives of children with fatal neurological disorders. We strive to bring comfort and reduce suffering by advocating for patients, empowering families, and supporting caregivers.


Our Inspiration

Josiah (Joey) Scaparotti is the son of B Brave founders, Sam and Sara Scaparotti. At 15 months of age, Joey was diagnosed with GM-1 (infantile gangliosidosis), a fatal neurological disorder, and has since inspired countless loved ones and strangers with his story. His life and legacy continue to be the motivation behind B Brave's efforts.

Find out more about Joey's story on the Joey Bear Blog, lovingly written by his mother Sara.