Project Rare

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Project Rare is a collection of films created to educate, inspire and make a lasting difference for the rare disease community.

This collection of films features families, caregivers and healthcare professionals wrestling with the complexities of grief, clinical trials and caring for loved ones with incurable diseases. B Brave is sharing these important and inspiring stories with the world.

Your role in this effort is as simple as watching, sharing the content or submitting a story for consideration.

Of course, Project Rare is only possible through the support of donors, so we ask those who can to support it through a tax-deductible gift. Your generosity enables B Brave to educate a wider audience and inspire more people to participate in the transformation of the underfunded rare disease community.

Our ultimate goal is to keep progressing in research and improve overall caregiving by changing how these rare diseases are considered, approached and treated. Project Rare helps spread understanding and compassion in how caregivers and medical professionals support families and overall wellbeing of everyone affected by rare diseases.

This is for the next generation.
This is Project Rare.

Let’s Change This Together

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