How We Help



Caring for a child affected by a fatal neurological disorder can create an enormous financial burden, and even families with excellent insurance coverage find themselves facing expenses beyond their resources. While it can't reduce the emotional impact of a devastating diagnosis, meeting financial needs can be one of the simplest ways to help ease the stress of caring for an affected child. B Brave works with families to provide stipends and financial support based on need.



The devastating diagnosis of a progressive or terminal disease affects all family members alike, and can have a profound impact on the relational, social and emotional state of each individual.  In many hospitals, psychosocial services are likely to be offered along with a child’s medical care.  B Brave's psychosocial support offerings can compliment these services, or provide a more comprehensive solution if these services aren't offered by the hospital.



Facing the death of a child may be the hardest thing a parent ever has to do. People who have lost a child have stronger grief reactions, and often have more anger, guilt, physical symptoms, greater depression, and a loss of meaning and purpose in life. B Brave offers a variety of bereavement support options through education and other resources.