Our Mission

The B Brave Foundation exists to improve the lives of children with fatal neurological disorders. We strive to bring comfort and reduce suffering by advocating for patients, empowering families, and supporting caregivers.


Our Inspiration

Josiah (Joey) Scaparotti is the son of B Brave founders, Sam and Sara Scaparotti. At 15 months of age, Joey was diagnosed with GM-1 (infantile gangliosidosis), a fatal neurological disorder, and has since inspired countless loved ones and strangers with his story. His life and legacy continue to be the motivation behind B Brave's efforts.

Find out more about Joey's story on the Joey Bear Blog, lovingly written by his mother Sara.


Our Efforts


B Brave oversees a variety of efforts, each tied to one of the three core goals outlined in the foundation's mission statement. Support for affected families is provided through meals, visits, advocacy, and other resources. Caregivers are empowered through peer support, clinical research incentives, and a variety of educational resources. And by funding current research efforts, B Brave hopes to realize the goal of finding a cure for GM-1 and other related diseases.

How can you help? To find out more about GM-1, visit the NTSAD GM-1 website; to learn more about local volunteer opportunities, contact us; and to help us continue in each of our crucial efforts, donate to our cause by clicking the button below. With your help, we can bring hope and support to those affected by GM-1.

The B Brave Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.