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Our annual fundraiser is set for March 23, 2019 - don’t miss it!



A Very Big Thank You

…to all of our sponsors, volunteers, and donors who made our kickoff fundraiser event a HUGE success.  A special thanks to Anne Hartnett and Harness Cycle for hosting an energy-packed spin class followed by an amazing happy hour.  It was an ex­citing evening of celebration and remembrance, and we are encouraged and humbled to see what a meaningful impact Joey’s life has had and continues to have on so many. 

As a donor, you have helped make our mission possible, and there are many new projects on the horizon as we move forward.  Each and every donation that we receive – tangible or intangible, and regardless of size – helps us to reach out to specific families in need, so Thank You!

Thanks again to our amazing sponsors!



Also, another BIG Thank You to Josh and Melody Taylor!  This amazing couple decided to take donations for B Brave during their annual St. Patrick's Day party.  Thanks for thinking of B Brave, Taylors!

In Support of Our Families

Our donors’ loving support allows us help and to place resources directly in the hands of hurting families.  Through developing a relationship with families, we are able to identify and alleviate some of their situation-specific difficulties and provide help and relief.  One such resource we provide is grief counseling and bereavement support.  Restoring a Mother’s Heart Retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is a retreat that brings together moms who are grieving the passing of their child from chronic illness.  During the retreat, these moms learn, share, support each other, and find purpose.  Because of your support, we were able to sponsor one of these mothers to attend this retreat this past month.

Read more about Restoring a Mother’s Heart and its Founder, Jessica Lindberg, who lost her son Ethan to Congenital Heart Disease almost six years ago, here.

We have also been able to provide meals to affected families and are proud sponsors of a youth retreat for healthy older siblings at the annual NTSAD Family Conference. Beyond physical resources for families, we also offer emotional and spiritual support.  Already in 2018, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with parents, offer advice based on our experience, listen to their fears and frustrations, and refer them to a professional counselor if necessary.  This personal contact is the heartbeat of our mission, and it allows us to pinpoint the specific needs of each family and offer solutions as we are able.

B Brave is Now on AmazonSmile!

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Please consider supporting the B Brave Foundation via AmazonSmile by clicking here.

Who Is B Brave?

Josiah (Joey) Scaparotti, his story and his life are the inspiration for all of B Brave’s efforts.  At 15 months of age, Joey was diagnosed with GM-1 (infantile gangliosidosis), a fatal neurological disorder that causes progressive destruction of the central nervous system.  Affected children, even with the best of care, die early in childhood, as there currently is no treatment or cure.  Though he never spoke a word, he left behind a lasting legacy of bravery and love that continues today.

B Brave Background
During Joey’s brief life a large community of people in Cleveland and beyond came together to rally behind this precious life and his family.  Near and far, friends and strangers alike were moved to serve the Scaparotti family and to offer support and en­couragement.  In the midst of heartache and exhaustion the Scaparotti’s were sustained through their Faith and the encourage­ment they received from the community of people who rallied on their behalf.  

Upon Joey’s death the Scaparotti’s were inspired to pass it on, to help other families find peace and reassurance in the midst of a desperate and daunting journey. With the support from dear friends, Scott and Susie Brown the Scaparotti’s founded B Brave Foundation.  Sam and Sara Scaparotti and an Executive Board manage the direction of the Foundation and its day-today op­erations.  The mission of the Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for children and adolescents affected by rare fatal neurological disorders by supporting their families, empowering their caregivers, and pursuing a cure.


Growing Solutions

An objective of the B Brave Foundation is to grow solutions larger than the needs presented to us.  As you can imagine, this is a lofty goal that cannot even be imagined without your support. 

Be sure to visit www.bbravefoundation.org for more information, mission, opportunities, and how to donate and to stay up-to-date on events and activities.  




For general inquiries or to be added to our mailing list please email us at info@bbravefoundation.org

We welcome your involvement!





B Brave's kickoff fundraiser was held at Harness Cycle's beautiful studio space in downtown Cleveland on March 3, 2018. Riders started the evening with an energetic, heart-filled spin class, and were joined by other guests for happy hour following the ride. Local businesses sponsored riders, provided delicious food & drinks, and donated raffle prizes to support the cause. Scroll through the gallery above for more; all photos taken by Allie Hamed / Lamb Photography.