Board of Directors

Patrick Hopkins

Board President

Patrick is a Cleveland native with a passion for fundraising and leadership. He has deep experience in management, sales and marketing, and a bachelor’s degree in communication and business. He is the Marketing and Sales Manager for a manufacturing company. Patrick is a lifelong friend of the Scaparotti family and was part of the journey of Joey, David, Sam and Sara. In addition to his work, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife Shelley and his two children Parker and Olivia, and loves to spend time outdoors and golfing.

Sam Scaparotti

Board Member and Co-Founder

Sam Scaparotti has worked on multiple business startups, production and construction management. He has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning. Sam provides vision and strategic planning initiatives for B Brave. Sam, his wife Sara and a community of friends, medical professionals and family cared for and loved their son Joey through a difficult but meaningful life. This experience is what drives Sam to help children and families who are on the same journey.

Sara Scaparotti


Sara was born and raised in Boras, Sweden and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. She has experience in human resources and marketing and leads strategy and execution for all aspects of B Brave’s fundraising, programming and finances. She also oversees volunteer management for the foundation. Sara serves on the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partners Committee and on the board of National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association. Sara loves spending time with her family and friends, spinning, boxing, yoga and enjoying the local parks.

Susie Brown

Founding Board Member

Susie uses her expertise in healthcare IT management along with graduate training in molecular biology to contribute to B Brave’s vision and strategy. She oversees technical operations for Systemlink, Inc, a DC-based healthcare software company. As a friend of the Scaparotti family, Susie cherishes the time she and her husband Scott spent helping to care for Joey, and strives to honor his legacy with her contributions to B Brave. In addition to her work, Susie loves spending quality time with family and friends – particularly Scott and their adorable son, Milo – and enjoys exploring nature, spinning, travel and really good coffee.

Scott Brown

Founding Board Member

Scott is a Cleveland native with a passion for organizational leadership. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and used his expertise and experience to help lay groundwork for the administrative and operational aspects of the foundation. His talent and knowledge help B Brave achieve its mission. In addition to his contributions to the board, he works as an Executive Producer at a Cleveland-based film production company, and is spearheading B Brave’s film documentary and podcast projects. Scott’s other passions include family time with his wife and son, spending time outdoors and listening to audiobooks.

Together We Can Make a Difference